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What is PTG?

Along with growth or wisdom-building, the fruits of PTG may also include a preparedness or “resilience” for future events that may otherwise be traumatic. Find out more →

Fruits of PTG

Nurturing the fruits of growth from any difficult experience requires food and in this blog that growth is nourished through personal stories, Op-Eds, and articles. The PTG Blog →


Resources & Links

A collection of helpful resources and links from reputable sources on the topic of posttraumatic growth.
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More From The Post Traumatic Growth Blog

Caroline’s Story

Caroline is the divorced mother of two young men in their early 20s. She was born into a large family and is an artist professionally with a graduate degree from an Ivy League university. Caroline’s eldest son, Dillon, struggled since his early childhood with headaches. As he grew older, Dillon found the headaches to

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