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How Trauma Can Help You Grow

The Following Article, written by Kristine Crane, published in U.S. News and World Report, tells the story of a strong woman who experiences post-traumatic growth and gives some insight on the process as a whole. How Trauma Can Help You Grow. How Trauma Can Help You Grow Look inward, and you’ll find the strength to carry on. Survivors of traumatic events can learn to cope with their pain through a phenomenon …Read More

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Leadership Spotlight: Dr Melinda Moore

The following is from article written by the EKU Update, highlighting Dr. Melinda Moore, and some of her work at Eastern Kentucky University. Click Here to read the full article. _______________________________________   Dr. Melinda Moore, Assistant Professor/Licensed Psychologist, Department of Psychology, is featured in this ongoing series designed to allow EKU leaders and others in prominent positions to discuss their roles, as well as campus issues. Moore is new to EKU, …Read More

Kentucky is a leader in ‘suicide-focused’ treatment

Featured op-ed from the Courier-Journal.com website: Like most Americans of a particular age, my heart sank when I heard about the death of Robin Williams. I felt like I grew up with him. As a suicidologist, I feared the worst: that he would be painted as a caricature, the sad clown and comic genius, who, in an ironic turn, could not save himself, and the opportunity for gleaning profound messages …Read More

Suicide Gun Deaths Require More Prevention

Suicide Gun Deaths Require More Prevention By Melinda Moore and Julie Cerel The tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School and other places around the country have left political leaders struggling with the best way of stemming violent gun deaths. Most of these deaths have been characterized as outrageous acts of violence upon innocent victims, when, in fact, the majority of violent gun deaths in the United States are acts of …Read More

Love and Loss: Marriage and Bereavement at the Holidays

Love and Loss: Marriage and Bereavement at the Holidays In her most recent addition to the wildly popular Bridget Jones’ series, Mad about The Boy, Helen Fielding portrays the bubbly and erstwhile boy-crazy Bridget struggling with the untimely death of her husband Mark. We see Bridget five years after Mark’s death still struggling to adjust to the reality and learning how to respond appropriately to the social network that once …Read More

Lonely Women – And Men – At the Top

Lonely Men – and Women – at the Top by Melinda Moore, Ph.D. This weekend marks the twentieth anniversary of the suicide death of Nirvana guitarist and front man Kurt Cobain. Cobain’s influence on music is still felt today and, unfortunately, suicide and the scourge of heroin addiction, which Cobain reportedly suffered, are more problematic than ever. The recent suicide of a bitcoin exchange firm CEO, in the wake of …Read More